Emergency Dentistry Helps Treat Nagging Dental Issues Whenever They Arise

Emergency Dentistry Helps Treat Nagging Dental Issues Whenever They Arise

November 1, 2021

Unexpected dental issues can strike when least expected weather during the day or evenings. Whether the dental problem is minor or significant, it needs attention from a dental professional and none other. You may think of visiting an emergency room where dental professionals are not on call, and the facility is ill-equipped to deal with dental emergencies. Instead, if you see the dentist in Peabody, MA, a professional with knowledge of dental anatomy, you receive prompt attention to deal with and manage the dental issue and possibly save your tooth.

Premier family dentistry in Peabody is aware you may get into accidents to find yourselves in situations where your teeth and oral cavity are injured. You may encounter injuries from vehicle or biking incidents or even become a victim of altercations, leaving you with displaced teeth. This facility does not make you wait for an appointment before they see but provide the attention you need immediately upon arrival as they have an extra table at the clinic to deal with patients arriving with dental emergencies.

If the accident or altercation has resulted in a knocked-out tooth which you carry along in moist condition, the emergency dentist at the facility provides emergency dental care to restore your tooth by splinting it together with the adjacent teeth advising you to follow up with your dentist regularly for the next few years until the tooth is firmly anchored in its socket. Alternatively, if you get to the dental facility without your tooth, they recommend the optimal tooth replacement solution to help you restore the functionality of your mouth and smile.

What Precisely Is Emergency Dentistry?

Emergency dentistry is not a dental specialty but is a voluntary service provided by dental professionals. They expect you not to encounter any dental emergencies by maintaining proper dental hygiene, adopting preventive measures to safeguard your teeth and oral cavity, and have in possession a treatment plan to ensure you keep emergencies at bay.

Unfortunately, nagging dental emergencies always strike without warning, similar to accidents. However, professionals providing emergency dentistry services are aware of the situations that put you in a quandary causing intense pain in the mouth or bleeding to make you wonder how to overcome the crisis.

Despite having a hectic schedule, emergency dentistry professionals always set aside time for patients arriving with emergencies. They have the equipment and knowledge to manage any dental emergency regardless of whether it is a knocked-out tooth in adults or children. They can also deal with loose permanent teeth from impacts and silent infections like gum disease.

What is Reality Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

Not every dental issue is classified as a dental emergency. For example, a painless chipped tooth does not constitute a dental emergency unless you value your facial appearance highly. At the same time, a painful chipped tooth is a dental emergency that needs immediate treatment from a dental professional. Painless chipped teeth can wait for a couple of days until you can get an appointment for urgent dental care from your regular dentist. However, if the tooth is painful, you must seek attention from emergency dentistry in Peabody, MA, to ensure the chip is sealed without delay to prevent bacteria from penetrating the tooth to create more damage.

If your kid has lost a primary tooth, they will likely not receive recommendations for tooth replacement solutions, but the emergency dentist suggests you get them a space maintainer to ensure their remaining teeth don’t shift towards the edentulous gap. The space maintainer helps maintain the space needed for the permanent tooth to emerge without any hindrance.

Dental issues causing excruciating pain, bleeding, or resulting from untreated infections are all classified as dental emergencies needing help from emergency dentistry. You may have a regular dental care provider treating your entire family. However, if the professional does not have the time to offer emergency services or is unavailable, the better alternative is to seek treatment from emergency dentistry in Peabody, MA, where the services are available even beyond office hours.

Whenever you have a dental problem bothering you, your dental care provider is the first professional you must try calling. If you fail to reach your regular dentist, you can contact emergency dentistry at any hour of the day or night. Emergency dentistry professionals have someone on call at all times to provide the services you require to overcome the dental problem affecting you.