How Can Porcelain Veneers Change Your Life?

How Can Porcelain Veneers Change Your Life?

December 1, 2022

Do you see your favorite celebrity smiling in shows, television, or movies and envy their smile? If you lack the courage to smile before everyone or speak in public because of dental imperfections, the problem is comfortably resolved by the dentist in Peabody, MA providing dental veneers to cover your dental flaws.

You might wonder what dental veneers are and how they can impact your life. Let us introduce veneers, the application process, and how life changes after you have these surfaces over your teeth to cover dental flaws.

What Precisely Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are the ideal solution for your smile because they help hide minor defects with your teeth, like chips, fractures, discoloration, irregularities, gaps and misshapen front teeth, to enable you to smile without fear. The veneers are slimy customized shells of porcelain, composite resin or laminates bonded on the front surfaces of your top eight teeth.

Dental veneers are pricey but don’t require having all your front teeth covered. If you have a couple of misshapen or discolored teeth, you can consider getting porcelain veneers in Peabody, MA, to conceal them from view to have a beautiful smile. However, many people receive veneers on all front teeth because they desire a symmetrical smile.

Getting porcelain veneers requires at least two visits to the dentist spanning across three weeks because your teeth must undergo preparation for the customized surfaces created in a dental laboratory explicitly for your mouth.

During your first appointment, the dentist examines your teeth to determine whether you have tooth decay or gum disease and suggests treating the condition before getting veneers. However, if you don’t have any infections, the dentist gives you local anesthesia to prepare your teeth by removing tooth structure past the dentin to accommodate the porcelain surfaces. You receive temporary acrylic veneers to protect your tooth surface until the dental laboratory returns your permanent customized shells.

You can revisit the dentist three weeks later to have your permanent veneers bonded. Your dentist will evaluate the color and fit of the permanent surfaces before cleaning your teeth to ensure no dental plaque remains trapped beneath the shells before bonding them to your teeth using special dental cement.

Are There Alternatives for Porcelain Veneers?

If you think the porcelain veneer process is lengthy and causes discomfort because of tooth structure removal, the dentist in Peabody, MA can offer you alternatives enabling you to have your veneers during one appointment or two if you want the most affordable surfaces to hide your dental flaws.

If the tooth structure removal scares you, the dentist offers composite veneers needing minimal tooth preparation to get veneers on your teeth in one appointment. Composite veneers are created by the dentist at their practice and applied over your teeth after etching them to allow the surface to adhere to them.

If you are financially constrained and do not mind displaying Lumineers teeth, the dentist offers you a solution provided by DenMat laboratories that require no preparation because the dentist merely needs images of your teeth or the manufacturers to customize your surfaces. However, you must wait for at least a couple of weeks until they dispatch your veneers to the dentist before bonding them over your teeth.

What Are the Differences between the Three Kinds?

Porcelain veneers are natural looking and a long-term solution that helps correct and hides multiple dental imperfections effortlessly and remains with you for over two decades with proper dental hygiene. In addition, porcelain veneers are stain resistant and will retain their color all the time the surfaces are on your teeth.

Alternatives for veneers are not as durable as porcelain veneers, nor stain-resistant. However, they are more affordable than porcelain veneers making them an excellent choice for many people who balk at the costs of porcelain surfaces. Therefore when deciding on the perfect solution to conceal your dental flaws, it helps if you choose carefully after a discussion with the dentist to determine which option suits your needs the best.

Why Does Your Life Change After Getting Veneers?

If your damaged or misshapen teeth keep you from smiling and make you appear like an introvert, dental veneers will make you appear confident and ever-prepared to smile, making you seem like a confident personality who doesn’t mind mixing around with people. The surfaces help improve your confidence, opening up new avenues of career and life and helping you move with all and sundry without worrying about your dental concerns holding you back. In addition, dental veneers make you a confident person, allowing you to show off your teeth to everyone around you because you have them and your dental flaws covered from view to display perfect teeth.

Premier Family Dentistry provides porcelain veneers in Peabody, MA, or alternatives if you desire to cover your dental imperfections. If your teeth don’t inspire confidence in you, contacting this practice to discuss your needs and getting dental veneers can change your life dramatically.