How Long Should Your Child Go to a Pediatric Dentist?

How Long Should Your Child Go to a Pediatric Dentist?

April 4, 2022

Many parents and children question dentists, how long the child needs pediatric dental care, and when the young child can move over to a general dentist. Many children develop a bond with their pediatric healthcare providers and are anxious about visiting a general dentist. Children probably think it is an initiation into adulthood. However, until what age do children need to see a pediatric dental care provider? These questions are entirely typical and nothing to express concern about.

If you are anxious about this question, do not hesitate to inquire about your query with children’s dental care. Parents and children both make inquiries with pediatric dentists on the above question.

Until What Age Should Children Visit a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentists continue seeing children from infancy or six months until their final permanent teeth emerge. Children continue developing permanent teeth until 12 or 13. However, many parents have their children visit a pediatric dentist into their teenage years. It is because pediatric dentists are more familiar with the problems concerning adolescent oral development than general dentists.

Although children may be enthusiastic about their initiation into adulthood by visiting a general dentist, they might not display the same enthusiasm when receiving any treatment from general dentists. When children move over to a general dentist, they have their first exposure to the real world, where things are entirely different, and children or teenagers do not receive special treatment.

Children can continue seeing the pediatric dentist near you until their teenage years until 17 or 18, when the dentist can detect the development of their wisdom teeth. After that, the dentist might recommend your child to an oral surgeon for wisdom tooth removal and, after that, suggest they see a general dentist for further requirements.

While no age requirements have been specified for children to visit general dentists, a pediatric dentist is better suited to care for children because they receive specialized training after completing four years in dental school. The professionals are familiar with the developmental stages of children’s jaws and can provide appropriate and timely treatment to any issues they detect in the child’s mouth

Pediatric dentists have many patients who are younger and seeking dental care for them from their parents. After your child has a fully developed mouth, the professional will likely refer your child to a general dentist, or you can consider taking them to your regular dentist for further attention.

What Is the Importance of Pediatric Dentistry for Children?

Children as young as six months require attention from a pediatric dentist, recommends the American Dental Association. Unfortunately, infant dental care is often overlooked by parents who continue taking them to their regular dental care provider. General dentists treat patients of all ages but don’t have the expertise of pediatric dentists who can identify and correct genetic abnormalities if present to benefit your child from an early age.

Pediatric dentists specializing in working with children answer any questions parents and children might have about dental health and help children develop a healthy smile without infections in their mouths.

Pediatric dentists also invest in kid-friendly dental offices, trained staff to manage children, and even child-sized dental instruments to ensure they care for your child’s mouth appropriately. However, as your child ages, they might find the environment and tools too kid-friendly and prefer to see a regular dentist for themselves. Similarly, dentists might also find the infrastructure available inappropriate for children’s requirements. In such cases, you may receive a recommendation from the dental professional to consider taking your child to a general dentist. However, if your child visits pediatric dentistry in Peabody, MA, you will likely not receive any such referral because the dentistry facility treats children as well as adults separately in the same facility.

How to Decide Whether a Change Is Essential?

When considering taking your child to a general dentist, please do not compel them to make the change because all children are different and have a mind of their own. Instead, you must discuss the changeover with your child to determine whether they are comfortable with the pediatric dentist or are willing to change over.

Your teenager may express a desire to visit a different dentist after a certain age which is entirely normal and should be expected. However, you must discuss the transition with them before deciding whether they should visit a busy pediatric dentist or consider visiting your regular dentist in Peabody, MA for their dental care needs.

If your child expresses a desire to visit an adult dental facility, consider scheduling an appointment with Premier Family Dentistry to start their initiation into adulthood.