Having dental insurance is beneficial in that it often covers the cost of preventive or routine dental care. However, many policies only partially cover certain treatments or procedures, whereas some are not covered at all. If your insurance does not fully cover the dental care you require, it’s essential to understand financing or alternative payment options.


Financing options may be available for dental care that is not covered by insurance. These options can include payment plans through your dentist’s office or through third-party services. Talk with your dental care team about financing options before receiving any treatment or procedure that is not covered by your dental policy.

We accept most Private Insurances.

Other Payment Methods

For treatments and other dental procedures that are not fully covered by your dental insurance plan, other payment methods are available. These include payments by cash, major credit card, or CareCredit. The CareCredit card is designed to help patients pay for professional health care costs not covered by insurance.

Communication regarding insurance and financing is important. Contact your dental care team for more information.