Saving Your Smile: the Benefits of Endodontic Treatment

Saving Your Smile: the Benefits of Endodontic Treatment

April 1, 2023

Every dentist aims to save your smile by making all efforts possible to help preserve your natural teeth, even if it has incurred severe damage or decay. Therefore if you are affected by a similar situation, do not expect the dentist near you to suggest removing the tooth without considering alternative options.

If you have a severely decayed or damaged tooth causing excruciating pain and lingering sensitivity to temperatures, the dentist will likely refer you to an endodontist near you for further evaluation to ensure they achieve their goal of saving your smile. However, the dentist’s referral to the endodontist might seem inconspicuous until the professional examines your tooth comprehensively by taking x-rays to determine the extent of the damage within.

You will likely start fidgeting around in the professional’s chair, wondering what is wrong with your tooth, when the endodontist reveals that you have a dental pulp infection inside your tooth causing the problem and suggests a root canal to eliminate the discomfort to save your tooth. While the mention of a root canal will likely make you forget the toothache or your oral cavity, the treatment is the only solution to prevent your tooth from getting extracted. Therefore you must accept the proposal of the endodontist to let them perform root canal therapy on the affected tooth to eliminate the pain within to leave you at your smiling best.

Pain Relief from Endodontic Treatment

The mention of a root canal by the endodontist can make you think you are in line to receive a therapy that causes excruciating pain and other complications with your mouth and body. However, you need to realize Endodontists are specialists in dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of infections inside your tooth affecting the dental pulp and nerves. Endodontists aim to eliminate an infection in your tooth damaged by decay by performing a root canal to save the tooth from extraction.

Any discomfort you experience when getting the infection eliminated by the professional is managed appropriately by giving you adequate anesthesia and sedatives that keep you relaxed and numb when receiving the treatment and six hours thereafter. Endodontists work to relieve the pain you experience from the infection to preserve your natural tooth. Any discomfort you experience from a root canal emanates from the surgical procedure, not the condition in your tooth. Therefore when you receive the endodontic treatment, you endure temporary pain to gain permanent relief from the infection in your tooth. Endodontic treatment ensures pain relief from the infection when performing a painful surgical procedure on a condition that can affect your jawbone and your body.

Protecting Natural Teeth through Endodontic Treatment

Endodontic treatment aims to protect natural teeth when providing therapies like root canals. For example, when you receive a root canal near you, the therapy helps preserve your natural tooth by eliminating the infection affecting the dental pulp and the nerves of your tooth to save it from further damage.

Endodontic treatment is not as severe as imagined because the specialist merely creates an access hole in the crown of your tooth or the rear, depending on which tooth is affected, to expose the dental pulp for removal with flexible instruments along with the nerves, clean and disinfect the canals before sealing them with a rubber-like biocompatible material gutta-percha with adhesives and sealing the access hole with a temporary filling.

The endodontist completes the treatment in 45 minutes for a front tooth but requires more time on a molar having multiple canals and nerves to eradicate the infection entirely. Occasionally you may need a second appointment with the endodontist to eliminate the infection.

After completing endodontic treatment in Peabody, MA, the specialist suggests you restore your tooth with a dental crown after you recover by visiting your regular dentist. Although root canals help eliminate infections within the tooth, they render your tooth fragile and prone to fractures making it essential for you to get it restored as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

After receiving this therapy from the endodontist and restoring your tooth, you can continue using it for many years, like your remaining teeth. However, it should be a lesson never to allow dental infections to remain in your tooth untreated because the condition aggravates to make you need endodontic treatment eventually. However, endodontic treatment ensures they provide significant benefits by restoring your mouth functionality and smile in one surgical procedure.

If affected by excruciating pain with lingering sensitivity to temperatures, you benefit by receiving endodontic treatment from Premier Family Dentistry — Peabody specialists in performing this intricate therapy. The treatment helps save your smile while restoring your mouth functionality and eliminating the pain in your tooth.