Cosmetic Dentistry

Having cracks, chips, or misshapen teeth can make your appearance seem unattractive and make people think you don’t care for your teeth. Fortunately, Dr. Rani Varghese at Premier Family Dentistry has the skills and knowledge of cosmetic dentistry to repair your teeth and put a beautiful smile on your face.


Our dentist, has several cosmetic procedures that can improve your teeth’s appearance. If they are dull and dingy, they can whiten them. Dental bonding, veneers, or dental crowns can hide flaws like cracks or chips. If you have crooked teeth or bite alignment issues, then you may be a candidate for Invisalign® aligners.


Many people have flaws in their teeth from childhood accidents like falling from a bicycle, being hit by a ball, or chewing on hard items. Chips on teeth are easy to cover with veneers, composite resin, or in severe cases, dental crowns. If the damage has weakened a tooth, then a crown can be an excellent option to cover the flaw and strengthen your tooth.

Otherwise, bonding the tooth with a composite resin or putting veneers on the fronts of your teeth can hide any flaw on your teeth. After a dental evaluation, our dentist near you can recommend the best procedure to improve your smile’s appearance.


If you drink red wine, coffee, or black tea, then your teeth can become dingy and dull from the tannins in those drinks. Enamel can also stain from red sauces, blueberries, or acidic foods that your frequently eat. Fortunately, teeth whitening can make your teeth whiter and brighter by removing stains and providing you with a stunning smile that will catch almost everyone’s attention.


Do you have crooked or overcrowded teeth? Maybe you have an overbite or crossbite that you would like to fix. If so, ask our dentist in Peabody, MA, about qualifying for Invisalign® clear plastic aligners. They can straighten teeth or improve your bite by applying pressure to your teeth to move them into their correct positions.

At Premier Family Dentistry, our cosmetic dentist located near you has the tools and experience necessary to give you the winning smile that you’ve always wanted. Contact our offices for an appointment about cosmetic dentistry services near you.

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