Dental Bridges

When patients have experienced the loss of a permanent tooth, the gap left behind can create problems in terms of oral function and aesthetics. A dental bridge is an apparatus designed to “bridge” the gap in a patient’s mouth with a replacement tooth that is created to look and function just as your natural tooth would.

Dental bridges in Peabody, MA, are a restorative procedure that not only eliminates visible gaps in the mouth but also restores confidence in a patient’s smile and healthy appearance. Premier Family Dentistry provides dental bridges near you for patients that have lost one or more permanent teeth.


If our dentist determines that a dental bridge is a suitable solution for your tooth loss, it will take a couple of in-office visits to design and implant the apparatus effectively. A dental bridge is typically comprised of two crowns that fit over the teeth on either side of the gap with the missing tooth. These crowns provide a foundation for holding the replacement tooth so that the patient’s appearance and oral function are restored.

Once your dental bridge is constructed by Dr. Rani Varghese, it will be implanted. Adjustments can be made to the apparatus to ensure it fits comfortably and looks natural in the mouth.


Of course, the main purpose of dental bridges is to fill gaps in the mouth with replacement teeth. In addition, bridges offer other aesthetic and oral functioning benefits.

For example, this apparatus can help prevent surrounding permanent teeth from shifting into the tooth gap. Bridges also help patients maintain the form of their mouth and bite and the shape of their face. This enhances the ability to eat and speak properly by eliminating gaps between teeth.

Dr. Rani Varghese understands the self-conscious feelings that patients may have when they are missing any permanent teeth in the mouth. This can influence how you feel about your appearance and even the way you eat or speak. Thankfully, a missing tooth doesn’t mean a permanent gap.

Contact Premier Family Dentistry for information about dental bridges and other restorative procedures with our cosmetic dentist near you.

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