Dental Crowns

Dental crowns in Peabody, MA, are a versatile dental technique for restorative and cosmetic purposes. The primary purpose of dental crowns is to protect teeth that are damaged and vulnerable, as well as improve oral functioning and provide cosmetic enhancements to patients’ smiles. Our dentist designs crowns to look just like your natural teeth and function as healthy teeth would.

Do you have a tooth that has suffered significant damage as a result of decay or other causes? If so, dental crowns near you may be a restorative solution and a means of preventing the damage from getting worse. Dr. Rani Varghese at Premier Family Dentistry can provide you with quality dental crowns.


Many patients receive crowns as a means of treating tooth decay and cavities that are too large for dental fillings. Restoring a damaged tooth with a crown prevents the decay from worsening and spreading while also returning oral functioning to patients in terms of eating. Our dentist can design a crown that looks and performs like your natural tooth while providing protection by covering the damaged tooth almost entirely.


Dental crowns are beneficial in addressing several oral health issues. In addition to treating cavities that are too large for traditional fillings, dental crowns can be put in place for patients who have one or more teeth that are weak, worn down, cracked, or severely discolored.

Crowns also play an important role in other dental procedures, such as protecting a tooth after root canal therapy and anchoring the replacement tooth for a dental bridge apparatus. As a dental technique, crowns are versatile, safe, and an effective means of protection for teeth that are vulnerable or damaged.

Our cosmetic dentist in Peabody, MA, can provide crowns for patients who have suffered significant damage or decay to one or more teeth. Crowns serve as a restorative technique for oral health and an option for cosmetic enhancement. Practicing excellent oral health habits will allow dental crowns to last for many years.

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