Dental Implants

Have you been looking for dental implants near you? If so, consider coming to Premier Family Dentistry. We’re your local dental clinic located in Peabody that provides tooth implants. Tooth implants are excellent missing teeth replacement and can fill in the gaps in your smile.

How Does a Dental Implant Work?

Dental implants are a minimally invasive procedure that replaces missing teeth. The procedure will begin with an incision in the gums to expose part of the jawbone. The implants will then be inserted into the jawbone and left to heal for months. Once properly fused with the jawbone, your dentist will attach a pontic tooth before a dental crown is added on top of it. While most patients are generally good candidates for dental implants, a bone graft may be needed if there is insufficient bone tissue. Kindly schedule an appointment to determine if you’re a good fit for dental implants.

Dental Implants Are Excellent Long-Term Solutions to Missing Teeth

Unlike many other teeth replacements that need to be replaced every couple of years, dental implants are meant to be a permanent fix for missing teeth. They closely resemble the look of natural teeth and will last the patient their lifetime with the right care. As the entire tooth root is being replaced, it is durable and will restore functionality to your bite. The procedure is highly regarded due to its high success rate, lowered risks of developing complications, and longevity.

All-on-4® Dental Implants Can Replace an Entire Smile

A minimum of four dental implants are used in All-on-4®; they’re primarily used when the patient has no natural teeth left and wants a permanent solution. This procedure is cost-effective for a full set of permanent teeth, as single dental implants will cost more. Patients can also easily care for them by regularly brushing and flossing after meals and implementing better oral practices into their dental regimen.

Whenever patients need a dentist, they come to Premier Family Dentistry, a dentist. Call us to arrange your next appointment at our dental clinic today.

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