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Have you recently found out that one or more of your teeth has suffered tooth decay? If so, you need treatment with Dr. Rani Varghese to restore your oral health Dental advancements have allowed for more options in treating tooth decay than traditional dental crowns and fillings, such as inlays and onlays in Peabody, MA. Our dentist at Premier Family Dentistry offers inlays and onlays as treatment options for patients with cavities and dental decay.

Traditional Treatments

Once tooth decay has penetrated a tooth’s enamel and formed a cavity, the resulting damage is irreversible. If a cavity goes untreated, the damage will continue to worsen. In some cases, tooth decay will progress and spread in the mouth, which may lead to more invasive procedures to restore a patient’s oral health.

Traditionally, dental fillings or crowns have been used to treat, restore, and protect teeth that have developed tooth decay, depending on its severity. However, there are some cases in which a filling is not adequate for treatment, but a crown is not required. Thankfully, inlays and onlays near you have been developed as “in-between” treatments for tooth decay. These procedures provide durable protection when traditional fillings aren’t substantial enough, and they are less invasive as treatment measures than conventional dental crowns.

Inlays and Onlays

Inlays are designed to protect a tooth’s surface when the enamel has been damaged by decay or injury. Our cosmetic dentist in Peabody, MA, will place the inlay into the hollow where the surface of the tooth is damaged. This prevents further oral health problems and provides strong, durable dental protection.

Onlays provide the same function and benefit as inlays. In most cases, onlays are designed for decayed areas of a tooth that are too large for traditional fillings but don’t require a dental crown. An onlay treats and protects the tooth’s cusp as well as its surface. This preserves its structure and restores the tooth to health by treating just the damaged portion.

If you are suffering from tooth decay, it must be treated to restore your dental health. For more information about inlays and Onlays near you, contact our dentist at Premier Family Dentistry.

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