Oral Cancer Screenings

One of the most important aspects of modern general dentistry is providing patients with oral cancer screenings in Peabody, MA. Our dentist will screen patients for signs of oral cancers during their routine biannual dental examinations.

Like all cancers, early detection of oral cancer can lead to more positive outcomes through accurate diagnosis and immediate treatment. It’s important for patients to understand that these screenings are part of routine dental examinations and cleanings with Premier Family Dentistry and that committing to these in-office appointments every six months is more vital than ever.


Oral cancer refers to any cancer that develops in the mouth, oral cavity, or surrounding areas. This includes a patient’s lips, gums, tongue, cheeks, and upper and lower areas of the mouth. Early signs of oral cancer are difficult to detect, and patients are rarely able to discover symptoms of this cancer or notice any irregularities until it has progressed.

However, oral cancer screenings with our dentist allow for early detection of symptoms, leading to potentially life-saving treatment. The thought of developing any type of cancer is scary, but detecting symptoms as early as possible enhances the possibility of positive outcomes for patients.


Our dentist, will check the inside and outside of your mouth for any irregularities, colored patches, or sores with great attention to detail during your regular dental examination. This includes your tongue and neck. In addition, Dr. Rani Varghese will evaluate the health of your oral tissue and check for abnormalities such as lumps. Finally, your throat and neck will be examined as well for any signs of irregularities or abnormalities.

If any oral cancer symptoms are detected, patients will be advised how to proceed with proper diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, committing to regular dental examinations with Dr. Rani Varghese is more important than ever.

Oral cancer screenings near you play a vital role in both the oral health and medical care of patients. Contact Premier Family Dentistry for more information about dental examinations and screenings for oral cancer.

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