Preventive Dentistry

If you want to maintain your beautiful smile, you need to brush and floss your teeth every day. Our dentist at Premier Family Dentistry can also help your family’s teeth stay healthy with preventive dentistry near you. Here are some of the services that will keep your smile gorgeous.

Dental Education

Changes in your life can affect both your dental and physical health. For instance, when pregnant, increases in hormone levels can trigger bacteria changes that can change how the body reacts to inflammation.

Gingivitis, which is the first stage of periodontitis, can begin to develop. Our dentist can advise women on taking better care of their teeth throughout their pregnancy until their hormones lower to normal levels.

Routine Exams and Cleanings

Visiting our dentist every six months for a dental exam and cleanings can catch problems early with tooth development in children. Finding issues early allows our dentist to use more conservative, less invasive methods to treat teeth successfully. Also, professional teeth cleaning removes plaque and tartar from teeth, which prevents cavities and gum disease.

Applying Dental Sealants

Since some children don’t like to brush their teeth or may not take their time with brushing, dental sealants will help prevent tooth decay. A sealant is a liquid substance that dries to form a plastic seal over the tops of teeth.

As part of our preventive dentistry services, sealants prevent food and drink debris from getting stuck between teeth and decaying, causing cavities. Kids can start getting their teeth sealed beginning at five or six years old.

Screenings for Health Conditions

During routine examinations, our dentist in Peabody, MA screens the soft tissues and mouth structures to look for problems involving them. They do oral cancer screenings during routine exams in hopes of finding the disease early when it’s most curable. If oral cancer doesn’t get caught until its later stages, the lower the chances are for a patient’s survival.

Our dentist at Premier Family Dentistry can help you and your children maintain great-looking smiles by using preventive dentistry services to find problems early and keep them from worsening. Please make an appointment at our office so that our dentist can examine your teeth and treat any issues they find.

Other Services