Tooth Extractions

In some instances, a patient requires a tooth to be professionally removed from its socket. This is called a dental extraction. When the affected tooth is visible in the mouth, tooth extractions in Peabody, MA, are a common, low-risk procedure performed by our dentist during an in-office visit. Though every effort is made by Dr. Rani Varghese to avoid tooth extraction, sometimes a tooth extraction procedure is necessary for a patient’s oral health. Premier Family Dentistry provides tooth extractions near you to help patients maintain their dental health.


Most people are familiar with dental extraction in the case of removing stubborn baby teeth in young children or wisdom teeth in young adults. However, there are many reasons why our dentist, may need to extract a patient’s tooth. For example, some patients suffer from irreparable tooth decay or severe tooth infection that requires tooth extraction to restore them to oral health. Occasionally, patients have extra teeth in their mouth, or their permanent teeth result in overcrowding. In these cases, tooth extraction is advisable.


Most dental extractions are straightforward and done during an outpatient visit. For these simple extractions, our dentist provides a local anesthetic to the area surrounding the tooth so that the patient doesn’t experience pain or discomfort as the tooth is professionally removed from its socket.

Sometimes the tooth to be removed is located within the gum, impacted, or broken. In these cases, the extraction process may be more complex and require an oral surgeon to make incisions in the gum and remove the tooth.

Overall, patients quickly recover from the tooth extraction procedure. Most patients are advised to rest and avoid heavy physical activity for a day or two. In addition, patients may be instructed to eat soft foods and carefully brush their teeth for a few days as healing in the socket takes place.

If you are in need of a tooth extraction, contact our dental office at Premier Family Dentistry for more information. We look forward to helping our patients maintain the best of oral health.

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