Understanding Dental Implants: Your First Step to a New Smile

Understanding Dental Implants: Your First Step to a New Smile

February 1, 2023

Whether you miss a couple of teeth or all, dentistry has a solution to help you regain your smile by seeking solutions to replace your missing teeth. Dentists can offer you a realistic solution as missing teeth replacement that functions and feels like your natural teeth with dental implants embedded in your jaw.

Your missing teeth will never regenerate and leave the gaps in your mouth as they are unless you seek replacements for them as best suited for your needs. If you desire a permanent solution for the missing teeth, you find no better option than dental implants that help replace one or several teeth in both jaws in your mouth.

Getting dental implants in Peabody, MA, isn’t as comfortable as giving measurements of your mouth for dentures or getting teeth replacements with dental bridges. However, getting dental implants shouldn’t concern you, especially if you want a long-lasting solution for your missing teeth to remain with you for life without needing additional replacements every few years. If you decide to get dental implants and are eligible for them, you invest in a lifelong solution that, besides needing excellent dental hygiene and regular appointments with your dentist, will give you a reason to show off your new smile to everyone around you.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are not artificial teeth you purchase over the counter to place in the edentulous sockets in your mouth. In contrast, they are titanium posts embedded deep into your jawbone surgical to replace the natural tooth roots you lost with your teeth. If you need dental implants for a couple of missing teeth, the dentist inserts the required number of implants in your jawbone and recommends allowing them to heal in about three to six months to become part of your body.

After completing the initial recovery, you require another surgery to attach abutments to the implant for your customized artificial tooth fabricated from dental grade porcelain to function and appear like your natural tooth. The second surgery needs another two weeks of healing before you can get your artificial tooth mounted on the implant.

If you have lost all teeth in an arch and think getting individual dental implants is too intensive, the Peabody dentist can provide you with full mouth implants embedding merely four or six implants in your jaw to hold an entire arch of teeth in either jaw. You can also have artificial teeth anchored by the implants immediately after completing the procedure and leave the dentist’s office with a new smile.

Can You Get Replacement Teeth Immediately after Getting Implants?

Getting replacement teeth on individual implants is possible if you discuss the possibility with the Peabody dentist to ensure the aesthetic defects are closed soon after dental implant placement. However, the dentist suggests that you care for the immediate replacement and replace it with a custom-created crown after you have recovered from the dental implant procedure. The dentist can provide you with a temporary crown for aesthetic purposes advising you to exercise caution when chewing or biting. Therefore whether you need a replacement for a single tooth or an entire arch dental implants help satisfy your needs allowing you to show off your new smile that appears, feels and functions naturally.

How Challenging Is Getting Dental Implants?

Although dental implants are considered the gold standard for replacing missing teeth, they are unsuitable for everyone. People with immunosuppressive conditions and infections like severe periodontal disease must initially receive treatments for the conditions before they are considered candidates for dental implants. In addition, smokers or tobacco users also become ineligible for the treatment because tobacco interferes with healing making it challenging for you to recover from dental implant surgery. Besides, the above inadequate jawbone also makes it challenging to receive implants. Dentists manage it by suggesting procedures like bone grafts and sinus lifts to augment bone in your jaw and recover before implant placement.

Finally, the dental implant procedure is lengthy and requires three to six months of healing and multiple procedures with a dentist in Peabody, MA before you can get your artificial teeth placed on them. However, if you are willing to endure the process to benefit your dental and general health, dental implants will satisfy all criteria to leave you happy after taking your first step to getting a new smile.

If you miss teeth, whether one or several, Premier Family Dentistry — Peabody provides dental implants as excellent replacements for them. If you intend to replace your missing teeth, consult this practice today to plan your dental implant placement treatment by taking your first step toward a new smile.

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