What to Do When Invisalign Doesn’t Work?

What to Do When Invisalign Doesn’t Work?

October 11, 2022

Straightening your teeth can be exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. However, there’s little concern regarding the Invisalign in Peabody, MA. Our experienced dental professionals have been performing successful treatments. They are always ready to start your smile transformation. So feel the excitement and anticipation and look forward to smile-transforming results.

The effectiveness of Invisalign is rarely called into question, but occasionally, your Invisalign doesn’t give you the desired results. If this happens, it’s always important to stay calm, be positive and call your cosmetic dentist. Chances are, your Invisalign treatment isn’t working. It’s got something to do with the following reasons:


There’s nothing to do with craving any tasty treats or hunger that are terrible for your teeth. If your orthodontist or dentist is in-the-know or up-to-date, they’ll recommend you to do some chewing exercises. Also, they might recommend monemints. You see Invisalign working by creating orthodontic tooth movement that guides the teeth gradually into their new position. This needs 22 hours of daily wear.

  • Firstly, every time one pushes the trays in with their clean thumbs and fingers, they sit 95% of the way.
  • Then every time one swallows, their teeth touch, and their aligners grip the teeth. Also, every time one clenches their teeth due to stress.

However, even if one doesn’t follow the advice and wears their aligners for 22 hours daily, seven days a week, it isn’t enough. You need perfect seating at all times and no voids or air gaps between your aligners and teeth.

Extra oomph is needed to get the right amount of pressure on your teeth. That’s why your dentist recommends chewing exercises for 10-15 minutes daily. Chewing exercises helps deliver more predictable results by helping your teeth move. Munchies are designed to maximize the accuracy of effectiveness and fit of clear aligner treatment. It also provides pain relief during the treatment. They’re also easy to use, hygienic, and beautifully designed.

Handle Your Aligners with Care

Keeping your invisible braces safe, clear, and clean should be a major priority. Clear trays reduce the potential for decays and cavities and keep them from smelling. Also, the clear the aligners are, the less opaque they become. You should follow these three tips and keep your Invisalign aligners safe:

  • Never clean your aligners with hot water. It wraps and weakens your aligners. Even if they’ll still look okay, the precision of your 3D-printed braces is important to your treatment.
  • Never let the saliva dry inside your Invisalign trays. When choosing your electric toothbrush, you should clean the inside and outside of your aligners. You should not clean them too vigorously. You should do a thorough and gentle clean.
  • You should always store your aligners in your mouth or the protective Invisalign tray. Never wrap the aligners in napkins or tissue.

A Sequence Properly Planned to Buy Invisalign Experts

Not all cosmetic dentists offering Invisalign are trained equally. Some dentists rely on Invisalign technicians to plan the 3D sequence for them. Some out-source your treatment planning to a company overseas at their cost. Finally, some dentists intentionally separate some complex tooth movements into the twisting part and then push the inwards part. This is because they know from experience that time will be saved and face frustration in the future.

So you should find a cosmetic dentist in Premier Family Dentistry. Our dentists doesn’t use the first plan recommended by an Invisalign technician.

What to Do if Your Aligners Doesn’t Fit Properly

This’s what you are supposed to do to ensure that your aligners fit properly:

Ensure You Wear Your Clear Aligners as Much As You Can

You need to wear your aligners for 20 hours a day at a minimum. Ideally, one should wear aligners at least 22 hours a day and only take them out when drinking, eating, and brushing.

If you don’t wear clear aligners as instructed by your dentist, the treatment will fall behind. Also, your aligners will stop tracking your teeth.

Ask Your Dentist About Backtracking to a Previous Set of Aligners

If your set of aligners given before doesn’t fit properly, you should talk to your dentist in Peabody, MA about backtracking. It might be possible that your Invisalign treatment was a bit behind schedule. Also, it may be that your previous set of aligners didn’t move your teeth into their proper position.